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Action Alert

With the rise of terrorism around the world, becoming energy independent is now more important than ever to keeping our families safe and protecting our American way of life.  We can keep America safe and energy independent by utilizing all our God-given resources to free us from the grip of countries who wish to do us harm.  Being dependent on globally priced energy resources is not in the best interest of our state, or our nation.

The Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA urges you to contact your state senator to encourage them to SUPPORT Amendment SC 3504 – a wind setback policy that will boost Ohio’s economy, create job opportunities for our families, and keep America safe.

The current wind setback policy is a government restriction on the energy market.  Amending the budget to include SC 3504 will encourage private sector growth and strengthen Ohio’s ability to produce our own energy.

Let your state senator know that you stand with the Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA and will fight for Ohio jobs and American energy independence – urge them to SUPPORT Amendment SC 3504.  It is good for Ohio families, and good for our economy. Find your senator’s contact information by clicking here.


Thank you in advance for your support,

Tyler M. Duvelius

State Director

Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA

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