Ask Governor Kasich to veto HB554

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Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA

The Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA encourages you to contact Governor John Kasich to encourage him to VETO HB554.

“Ohioans deserve twenty-first century jobs and the peace of mind that American energy independence can provide,” said State Director Tyler Duvelius.  “We thank Governor Kasich for acknowledging that a proper energy policy can provide jobs for thousands of Ohioans while also creating savings for Ohio’s families, churches, and small businesses. HB554 would prevent us from growing Ohio’s economy.”

Let Governor Kasich know that you stand with the Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA and will fight for Ohio jobs and energy independence.  Contact Governor Kasich today at 614-466-3555.  For more information, click here.

Thanks in advance for your support,


Tyler M. Duvelius

State Director

Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA


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