ACTION ALERT: Be an educated voter

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There are now less than 5 days until Election Day – and we need your help to educate voters! Download our Voter Guide which covers both the Presidential Race as well as the Senate race in Ohio.

prayandvotesticker1Click Here to Download Yours Now.

You can share voter guides by:

  • Forwarding them via email
  • Posting them on Facebook
  • Printing and distributing in churches
  • Place them as an ad in local newspapers
  • Alerting local Christian radio stations
  • Allowing friends to conveniently scan your guide with their mobile device to bring them to our Voter Guide Project


We also have links to resources for mass printing solutions in local areas if you require a large number of copies. So click here and download your voter guides today! Then share this email with a friend!



Need information about voting? Head to to answer any questions you may have.



Sen. Rob Portman receiving the Christian Coalition “Friend of the Family” Award from Christian Coalition CEO Roberta Combs after speaking at the Conservative Clean Energy Summit.

Sen. Rob Portman receiving the Christian Coalition “Friend of the Family” Award from Christian Coalition CEO Roberta Combs after speaking at the Conservative Clean Energy Summit.

Recently, energy policy has moved to the forefront of political conversation in Ohio. The time is right for Christian Coalition of Ohio supporters and allies to step forward and take leadership in the promotion of energy independence initiatives. Taking responsibility to care for God’s creation and protecting the future of our children and grandchildren is a core family value. Further delays in action will impact our national security, our economic security, and our family security.

We believe that an all-of-the-above “comprehensive” approach is needed. We can create clean energy jobs by building and using made-in-Ohio technologies to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and work towards a much more diversified and secure energy future.

The Christian Coalition of Ohio will advocate for solutions based on two central principles:


  1. We must take action now with solutions that tap Ohio innovation. Ohio based inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers should be the leaders in a global transformation towards the development of more secure energy choices.
  1. We believe that we can better ensure our national security and strengthen our economy at the same time by developing Ohio energy resources and investing in clean, renewable energy technologies that create jobs here in Ohio.


Helping Ohio and its Families: We believe that all families should have access to renewable and alternative energy sources, as well more energy efficient cars, trucks and household appliances, in order to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Cost-effective policies should be enacted at the state, local and federal levels to accelerate a free-market shift to a cleaner, cheaper energy future. Ohio leadership and technology innovation can spur global progress and grow our economy, as we seek opportunities to export “made-in-America” clean energy technologies throughout the world.


Resolving to Take Action: As conservatives, we stand up for our country’s national security and the health of our economy.  And, as Christians, we recognize the Biblical mandate to care for God’s creation and protect our children’s future.


Click here to take our energy independence survey.

Click here to help us continue our effort.

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