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Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA

Applauds Governor Kasich for HB554 Veto

COLUMBUS, OHIO — The Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA applauds Governor John Kasich for his veto of HB554 which failed to provide clean energy standards for Ohio and would have perpetuated market uncertainty for Ohio’s families and small businesses.  In recognizing the many natural assets that Ohio has been blessed with, the Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA believes all families should have access to reliable renewable and alternative energy sources.

A recent study shows an energy reform policy that includes even moderate renewable energy standards would stand to create 100,000 new jobs in Ohio by 2030.  The same study also shows a $40 million savings for Ohio electric customers by 2030.  These energy efficient measures will put more money into families, churches, and small businesses.

Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA State Director Tyler Duvelius said, “We are grateful for Governor Kasich’s leadership on the issue of energy reform.  The Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA looks forward to working with Governor Kasich, the Ohio General Assembly, and our network of conservative grassroots activists and pastors in 2017 to enact conservative clean energy reform.  We want Ohio to lead the nation in energy production to provide jobs for our families, savings for our churches, and safety for our children through American energy independence.”

About the Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA: The Christian Coalition of Ohio/CCA works to provide critical education and political training to the pro-family community in order to challenge and equip individuals and churches to make a difference at all levels of government.  For more information, visit www.ohiochristiancoalition.com.


I stand with the Ohio Christian Coalition/CCA – help grow Ohio jobs and support American energy independence!

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